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Breathing freely and safely while wearing masks snowboarding has always been an issue. Other facemasks have no holes for breathing, large holes or multiple small holes. Airhole facemasks have one perfectly sized hole that allows the user to breathe more freely without loosing the benefits of mask. Free breathing, reduces fatigue or a build up of dampness in the mask caused by breath movement. The new injected grommet design allows uninterrupted freedom of breath at all temperatures, is more hygienic and improves the aesthetics of the facemask without loosing any function. Rain/ Sun/ Snow/ Wind: Airhole masks are designed to help protect your face from the elements. Winter sports activities bombard your exposed skin with rain, snow, sun, and wind. The Airhole mask provides a barrier against these destructive forces using a weather resistant outer shell and a warm soft lining against your face. Cold: Heat loss from the head is significant and prolonged exposure will result in failure. The face is a significant part of the head and is often neglected when dressing for snowboarding. Correct dressing in adverse conditions is essential for health and safety, as well as extending exposure time. Material: Air-Stretch Graphic Process: n/a Airhole Fabrication: Embroidery
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