Warranty Policy

If the goods you receive presents production defects, material defects or quality defects we can help you with making a complaint.

How to proceed:
  1. Make sure that the defect is the manufacturer's responsibility and not due to wear and tear or inappropriate use.
  2. Photograph the defect and the serial number/label of the product.
  3. Send an email to info@freshfarm.it with picture of the defect and a description of the defect.
  4. We will immediately take a look at your request, possibly preparing the process and keeping you informed at all times.
  5. Usually the resolution of the warranty depends on the manufacturer, and it takes between 20 and 45 days.

In case of warranty approval by the manufacturer, the intervention is completed without cost to the customer. If the manufacturer requests the product for a live evaluation and then the warranty is refused, all shipping costs incurred are at the customer's expense. 

NOTE: The warranty of each product is applied in accordance with the  manufacturer's declarations, does not cover consumable parts and restorable treatments (e.g. DWR).  

Warranty rules:

The subject of after-sales guarantees is governed by the Consumer Code, Part IV, Title III, Chapter I, Articles 128 to 135.
The warranty is valid for two years after delivery of the goods. Any warranty extensions by the manufacturer are dealt with separately and directly with the manufacturer of the goods. 
In any case, the outcome of any warranty claim is defined by the manufacturer, who will accept or reject the claim after expert appraisal by his internal technicians.
Once that the eligibility of the complaint has been established, Fresh Farm undertakes to discount, repair or replace the good (evaluating the possibilities in the particular case) with appropriate timing and in accordance with the solution proposed by the manufacturer.
If it is not possible to repair or replace the goods, Fresh Farm can make a voucher equal to the purchase value of the damaged goods, which can be spent on FreshFarm.it website or in the physical store in Sassuolo.