Shopping Vouchers

Tired of being scared by any birthday party or christmas present? Don't worry, you won't terrorize your aunt and uncle again by giving your six-year-old cousin a flamethrower as a birthday present. Just buy one of our gift vouchers, stop thinking about presents and get drunk at the party as you're used to do!

It's a Thursday afternoon like any other and I was looking at that empty space right there and wondering how to fill it. I put a picture of flowers in there, flunked it. It looks like a cemetery. So I put the Pirelli calendar there, only at that moment I felt I was caught in the neck by the last thread of dignity I still had left (or maybe it was the boss's hand) and I erased everything. My mother's Bolognese sauce recipe was the perfect length, but I can assure you that getting it at night by being threatened by my mother (she doesn't want to divulge her secrets) with a rolling pin was not a very nice experience.

Well, here I am again and this space is still white.

I should be talking about gift certificates, but I don't have any more jokes about cousins going to the snow and grandmothers, I would have one about little boys but the boss tells me that we already have enough complaints because of the product descriptions.

The gift vouchers are good, believe me. They allow you to find a gift solution for parties, weddings, baptisms, New Year's Eve, when the whole family arrives with huge gift packages, you too will bring something:

A firm believer in minimalism, the enemy of all ostentatious things, you present yourself to the king of the party by making your way through all the golden gift cards and Swarowsky diamond-covered packages, holding all your hopes firmly in your hands.
A small voucher on an A4 format, on the back the wrong impression of the garbage bill. A black and white copy (you were lazy enough to order two colour cartridges on ebay), with all the creases because you tried by all means to get it into your pocket without success.
The party king wrinkles the voucher, his pupils linger on the header and read "Fresh Farm".
A light veil of tears, tears of joy, wets his eyes.
Then he concentrates on the value of the voucher and reads "10€".
But are you poor or what?