Fresh Farm Staff

Driven by their passion for snowboarding and mountain lifestyle in general, our guys come to the store every day with the mission to stay updated on the new snowboard equipment (they go to test it every weekend) to always give you the best advice. That's why you can ask us some advice as if we were your expert friend or your snowboard teacher, with the difference that we know much more in the sector than they do. We're also pretty daft, so get ready.


As once said an old colleague of ours, Sauro is the Boss of the Farm and he is 25 years old since about 15 years. Eclectic and energetic he will bring your souls into the world of snowboarding. Born in a farm between a bullock and a donkey, at the age of 33 he faked a crucifixion death to return to that farm, renovate it and found the coolest snowboard shop I’ve ever seen. His passions besides snowboarding are big noisy cars, mountain bikes, register live video on Facebook with fruits and Paso Adelante.
Gabriele allias the engineer allias Gibbe is the yoda of Excel, the only one who can program tasks in less than 12 nanoseconds. Descendant of a noble family from an atypical Italian town, he is ashamed of his immeasurable richness, but he doesn’t disdain to show it off displaying his huge cars like the Fiat Punto 1.4 GPL. He is probably the most athletic guy of the team. His passions, besides snowboarding, are Excel, cycling and barely legal girls.
Every family has its own black sheep, and if you thought I was referring to the big “Farmily”, you were sorely mistaken. Family = Life. Albero (we call him that way because he is tall and loses leaves) = the least suitable person for life you will ever know. He spends his time looking for the eternal rest: He always goes down from the mountains on the most dangerous face that he can find. When he's in the shop he must have something to destroy all the time, if he stops some minutes to help a poor customer that is lost (he would be the customer care) at least he doesn’t bully his colleagues with embarrassing nicknames. He knows just about everything from the Punic Wars to what kind of bindings your grandfather's board had in '52 but if you're going to tell him that you based your board choice on esthetic criteria, you'd better start running.
Enrico called Rodriguez and also Cap is a sort of encyclopedia of technical things. We are use to hear that when he was a child, he swallowed a Burton catalogue believing that it was a millefeuille and in fact he still pays the consequences with atrocious stomachaches. When he's not sick, he gives precious technical advice, and apart from boards he could try to sell you a few hours of coaching on League of Legend (I recommend you the package). His passions besides snowboarding are Japanese things (alive and not), video games and cleaning.
Gianluca called Gianni hates his nickname. He doesn't stop pointing it out, but for us he will always remain Gianni. His graphic skills are equal to his ability to sell you snowboard boots and it is him that is writing the strange things that you find in our newsletters. Between an advertising campaign and a stupid Instagram Story, he also finds the time to answer you at the phone, but if you want the next series of cool stickers stop interrupting him. His passions besides snowboarding are dinosaurs, getting angry at everyone and having fantastic new ideas that will never be realized.
Michele to everyone is Mike, and like Padre Pio he possesses the gift of ubiquity. Which is different from obliquity even if at times he might seem gifted with it as well. He’s just back from an experience of a winter season in Livigno where he tested Russian boards and models. He could tell you a lot about snowboarding, but he doesn't because he's pissed off since they asked him back for the VAT on the alcohol he drunk up there. He’s one of the most knowledgeable of the whole Staff, and he'll give you fundamental advice on how to match pink pants with a nice jacket. His passions besides snowboarding are van life, buses and bandiere. Not the ones you understand.
Generated by a formula error in one of Gibbe's Excel schemes, Favian is a human-looking robot capable of compiling files at the speed of the Millennium Falcon late for aperitif. Having no feelings, we don't know much about him, except that he attracts little girls at Luna Park by going around wearing cartoon T-shirts and that he has absorbed the data about all the snowboards on the market. Once a client dared to say "but you are Japanese" and he got so upset that he blinked twice. We are convinced that after the client exploded once he got in the car but we never had proof. His passions are mysterious.
Born in a small village in the mountains between France and Switzerland, her parents wanted to call her Heidi, but since the cartoon's name had already been taken, they didn't call her the same way for fear of retaliation. In the first years of her life she learnt how to make cheese and roll in the pastures, fundamental skills for Fresh Farm that allowed her to be hired. In her free time she organizes weekends, calls hotels, makes snow falls, makes conjunctival mistakes in Italian and dedicates herself to the graphics of the travel agency with excellent results. Her passions besides snowboarding are the mountains in general, remind us that Italy is a corrupt state and listen to our very nice clichés about the French people.