Best Price Guarantee

We strive to keep our prices as low as possible. 
We are ready to guarantee always the best price on our products.
That's right: if you found an eruopean website that offers the same product (in the same color and same size) at a lower price than we did, we will simply match the price:
- The guarantee can't be applied on personal selling, auction selling and promo selling with vouchers.
- The guarantee can only modify the price of the items and it can't be applied on our shipping costs
How to ask for a best price guarantee :
1 - place your order now
2 - do not pay
3 - Send us the link of the colleague who has the lowest price in response to the order confirmation email you received
4 - We will modify the amount of the order
5 - make the payment we ship as soon as possible 
Best Price Guarantee: Always

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